HBN Covid-19 Challenge

Call to all Indian and other talent to come together for open source solutions to Covid-19 challenges

  1. Competition to create or identify the materials to fight the COVID situation
  2. most affordable and efficient design of Domestic Oxygen Concentrator
  3. Low cost masks with pore size lower than Covid Virus diameter
  4. Low cost hand sanitizer
  5. Software and gadgets along with tablet / smartphone to track those with fever in a crowded place

Organized by Overseas Volunteers for Better India (OVBI) & Honey Bee Network (HBN)

  1. Anybody can submit entries.
  2. Criteria for entries: 
  3. Functional design 
  4. Bill of Materials 
  5. With hardware vendor list (if possible)

Quality parameters will be specified along with compliance with regulatory norms.

  1. Selection Criteria and Prize Money: 
  2. Best Functional Design: 5000 USD: 
  3. A letter of appreciation to three more designs 
  4. Bill of Materials 
  5. A letter of appreciation to three more designs)

All the designs will be open for anybody to use, modify & implement. Last date of submission June 13, 2021

Anybody can submit any number of designs, to be eligible for award, the design should have been tested through a functional prototype; video, bill of materials & vendors for different standard and fabricated components may be listed if possible. All designs will be shared in open so if somebody has a patent, then it will have to be licensed to, a HBN institution for open dissemination.