BIRAC GYTI Awards 2016
Title Student Supervisor Name College/Institute
Simple Low-cost Bioactive Titanium Foam via Novel Route for Skeletal Tissue Reunion KausikKapat SantanuDhara Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Flexible biodegradable anti-microbial new advanced form of Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) Bhuvaneshwaran Subramanian Professor DR. Sujoy K Guha Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Selvakumar M
Automated opto-fluidic Microscope for Cellular Diagnostic Testing. VeerendraKalyanJagannadh Dr. Sai Siva Gorthi Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, Karnatak
Jayesh V. Adhikari
Albina L. Nirupa
Rashmi S
3D printed hydroxyapatite tray for segmental mandibular bone reconstruction by stem cell delivery for oral cancer patients Sanskrita Das Dr. Sourabh Ghosh Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Dr. PraveshMehra
NStomoz - Vascular anastomosis assist device Anand Parikh Prof VenkateshBalasubramanian; Dr V B Narayanamurthy Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Wearable drug delivery device based on microneedles for efficient management of Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV) and Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy (NVP) Bhushan N Kharbikar Prof Rohit Srivastava Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Automatic Urine And Fecal Disposal System Neenu Jose JinuSebastian Sahrdaya College of Engineering And Technology
Device for IntrapartumMaterno-Fetal Care Vichal P M Appaji M Abhishek Bms College of Engineering, Visvesvaray
Rapid Endotoxin Entrapment and Detection on Surface-engineered Glass Substrates Sachin Kumar Dr. Shalini Gupta Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Ruchika Sharma,
Near Infra-Red light Activable Iron(III) Complex as a Remarkable and organelle-targeted Anti-cancer Agent for the Photodynamic Therapy Application Aditya Garai Prof. A. R. Chakravarty Indian Institute of Science, Banglore
Energy efficient combined process of microbial fuel cell (MFC) and membrane bioreactor (MBR) for high efficiency and reliable treatment of organic wastewater Sreemoyee Ghosh Ray Prof. M. M. Ghangrekar, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT-Kharagpur Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
A Novel Compound Restores Obsolete Antibiotics to NDM-1 Superbugs Divakara SS Murthy Uppu Prof. JayantaHaldar Jawaharlal Nehru Centre For Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR)
Goutham B Manjunath
Padma Akkapeddi
Development of a novel, non-biological pyrogen/microcellular components detection technique for purification and depyrogenation of water. Yadav Vijay Dukhran Dr. PrajaktaDandekar Jain Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
Rohan Chhabra,
Nikhil Kalane,
Tejal Pant
Dr. Ratnesh Jain
A Compact Microwave Sensor for Characterization of Radomes and Dielectric Signature Detection of Materials in 3G and 4G GSM Bands Abhishek Kumar Jha Dr. M. J. Akhtar Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Development of portable device based on polarized fluorescence for detection of cervical pre-cancer Bharat Lal Meena Prof. AsimaPrdhan India Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Ms. Seema Devi,
Prof. Asima Pradhan,
Dr. Kiran Pandey,
Dr. Asha Agrawal