Announcement GYTI 2023

(Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards, 2023)

SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions) and the Honey Bee Network proudly introduce the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards, 2023 .These awards have been established to recognize and celebrate the ingenuity of young student innovators across diverse fields such as technology, engineering, agriculture, design, pharmacy, science, and various applied technologies. In addition to the main awards, we will also present 15 appreciation awards to commend outstanding contributions.

The awards have been designed to honor student innovators whose projects fall into all or either of the following categories:

• MLM (More from Less for Many), Frugal Innovation Award: This category acknowledges ideas that excel in resource efficiency, affordability, and sustainability. We are seeking innovations that do more with less, showcasing novel ways of economizing on materials while remaining extremely cost-effective.

• Socially Relevant Technological Innovation Award: In this category, we recognize ideas that tackle unmet social needs or enhance the functionality of existing solutions. The emphasis is on increasing affordability and driving circularity, ensuring compatibility with ecological principles.

• Technological-Edge Award: Celebrating breakthroughs, this award honors ideas that boldly push the boundaries in various technological domains. We encourage submissions that advance the frontiers of innovation across different disciplines.

We invite aspiring student innovators to participate in these awards by submitting their projects through our platform at by December 30, 2023. We encourage projects that address significant social, environmental, or technological challenges faced by various segments of society, including disadvantaged individuals, sectors, spaces, micro, and small enterprises. The call for submissions is open to both current and past students of technical institutions/universities. Additionally, faculty members who have supervised relevant theses or projects can nominate students who have graduated and left their institutions. If selected, the award will be conferred upon the nominated student only.

For a comprehensive evaluation, shortlisted projects will require a detailed report. The final date for submission is December 30, 2023. An esteemed panel of three to five reviewers will review all shortlisted entries. These entries will also be included in the database, with proper credit given to team members, supervisors, institutions, and contact information will also be provided.

Furthermore, the selected projects will be presented at an exhibition attended by influential policymakers and practitioners from across the country. Prominent awardees will also receive an invitation to the People Festival of Innovations held annually at the IIC (India International Centre) during November-December.

To nominate your project, please visit or Please note that only abstracts of the content, along with innovator details, will be published on the website or shared otherwise. Students seeking incubation support should indicate their preference in the nomination form. For those interested in IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) support, a network of pro bono attorneys is available to provide assistance at concessional terms.

It's important to mention that the partnership with BIRAC for the SITARE-GYTI awards has concluded. Entries for Biotech or any other engineering discipline should now be submitted solely through GYTI platforms.

We are delighted to announce that projects focused on social and grassroots applications will also be eligible for the HBN CRIIA-India awards. This initiative is in partnership with Amazon India (for more information, visit and is supported by SRISTI.

For any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact Team Techpedia-GYTI at or call us at +91 9313246772 / +91 9427939170. Your enthusiastic cooperation is pivotal in fostering innovation and making India a hub of creativity & inclusive innovation.

We eagerly look forward to your participation. Please do share this announcement with your friends & also on your social media handles.