Towards Application Of Helical Nanorobots For Biomedical Applications.
Project Description :

Magnetically driven nanorobots have gained immense interest for biomedical applications because of its wide range of potential applications. we are working on helical shaped magnetic nanorobots that can be internalised by the cells when incubated for around 24 hours. subsequently, these internalised nanorobots can be actuated remotely inside the living cell by application of a rotating magnetic field. this novel technique of intracellular manipulation is completely benign to the living cells which has been confirmed from cell viability studies. our work also confirms that these tiny nanorobot can promptly detect changes in local environment inside a living cell which is very promising for new studies in cell biology and new techniques for sensing of intracellular matrix. another important application of helical magnetic nanorobot is that it can sense viscosity of surrounding environment with high spatio-temporal resolution as it moves through the medium. this active measurement is much faster than conventional passive rheological technique. along with its ability to be positioned in any arbitrary location within the fluid medium, it is now possible to find out local heterogeneities in the medium very easily. any other parameter that causes change in viscosity of the medium, for example: temperature, can also be measured using this active system. the current method can be applied to both newtonian and shear thinning fluids which is an added advantage as most of the biological fluids are also shear thinning. above two results suggest that helical magnetic nanorobot is an appropriate candidate for future biomedical applications. we are exploring further for other exciting features of the helical magnetic nanorobots. hopefully, in few years, we shall witness a paradigm shift in biomedical industry with help of these nanorobots.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Aug 10,2018
  • Innovator : Malay Pal
  • Team Members : Malay Pal,Debayan Dasgupta,Dr. Arijit Ghosh,Neha Somalwar,Prof. Ramray Bhat,Prof. Deepak K Saini,Prof. Ambarish Ghosh
  • Guide Name : Prof. Ambarish Ghosh
  • University : Indian Institute of Science
  • Submission Year : 2019
  • Category : Bioengineering / Biotech
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