Targeting Lymphatics To Treat Hiv Using Lipid Based Formulations
Project Description :

Hiv is localized in certain inaccessible compartments of the body such as the cns, and the lymphatic system, wherein the majority of drugs, from conventional drug delivery, cannot be maintained for the necessary duration and in the therapeutic concentrations required. therefore, targeting to lymphatics that serve as viral sanctuaries confers therapeutic advantage and seems to be a logical approach. the essential requirement for lymphatic uptake includes, system should have a log p around 3-5, have medium and long chain triglycerides solubility of more than 50mg/ml and a size of around 150 nm. in this framework, development of lipid based nanoformulations of arvs to improve the effectiveness of therapy by targeting lymphatics holds promise for the better management of the disease. this will ensure the availability of arv drugs at the viral sanctuaries i.e., lymphatics, within the theraputic window and for a prolonged period. drugs that are lymphatically rather than portally transported avoids first-pass metabolism by the liver which in turn increases drug concentration in lymph ducts and nodes. also, since these formulations bypasses portal circulation, their bioavailability is also not affected by the concurrent administration of anti-tubercular drugs. in the present work the potential of self emulsifying nanoemulsifying drug delivery system (snedds), a lipid based delivery system, of efavirenz, for targeting lymphatic hiv reservoirs was developed and evaluated.the snedds formulation was optimized using 3^2 full factorial design and was characterized completely, in-vitro (for size, zeta potential, cloud point, contact angle, drug precipitation study, surface morphological studies, drug release study) as well as in-vivo (lymphatic uptake study and biodistribution study). the snedds formulation was prepared using capryol 90 olive oil, cremophor el, tween 20, transcutol, efavirenz & tpgs. significant amount of drug in lymph and spleen was detected, which signifies the potential of snedds to target lymphatics.snedds formulation of efavirenz are capable of targeting drug to lymphatic system and are a potential delivery system candidate to achieve better theraputic outcome for the treatment of hiv and other diseases like cancer.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Jan 17,2015
  • Innovator : Amita Joshi
  • Team Members : Dr. Amita Joshi
  • Guide Name : Amita Joshi
  • College : B. V. Patel PERD Centre
  • University : B. V. Patel PERD Centre
  • Submission Year : 2015
  • Category : Pharmacy
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