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Project Description :

A neurological disorder is a disease that involves the brain and nervous system. there are many types of neurological disorders, including alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, and migraines. the world health organization reports that there are millions of people around the world suffer from neurological disorders. around 24 million people suffer from alzheimer’s disease and 326 million people suffer from migraines. similarly, there are around 70 out of 10,000 people suffering with parkinson’s disease in india. people met with accidents may get neurological disorders which may not be identified immediately. detection in the early stage is very important to stop the progress of all these neurological disorders. olfactory dysfunction is the early stage symptom to many of the neurological disorders. here olfactory dysfunction refers to partial or complete smell loss. if a person notices symptoms like frequent headaches, blurry vision, fatigue, numbness in the legs or arms, physical imbalance, muscle weakness, slurred speech or tremors, he needs to take smell identification test (sit). if the person fails in the sit, he should seek immediate help of professional medical practitioner. existing sits are not user friendly. we propose user friendly sit. mechanical setup of the tester is designed in such a way that oil bottles used with sit can be accessed easily. the person under test has to identify the smell of the scent from the oil bottle. answer booklet is provided in their preferred language. depending on the number of correct answers, the person’s smell identification capability can be assessed which in turn helps in early detection of neurological disorders. our current innovation is user friendly in terms of operation, language, size, portability, and cost.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Nov 17,2017
  • Innovator : pilla srilekha
  • Team Members : Pilla Srilekha,chinta Jyothi,Dr.Pushpa Kotipalli,Dr.M Mohan Varma
  • Guide Name : Dr. Pushpa Kotipalli
  • University : Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
  • Submission Year : 2018
  • Category : Electronics, Communications & related fields
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