She- Society Harnessing Equipment
Project Description :

The project aims at the integral part of the society –“she” who is the creator of this world, who burns herself to enlighten her whole house, she who cares ,loves and nurtures the manhood, but in return she is sentenced to molestation, devastation and ruthless killing , the she here is no other than a females soul. in this project report we have made an attempt to savage a women’s pain buy providing her self de-fence so that the next delhi incident of ruthless gang-rape and murder are never repeated in the land where women are preached and are considered once as goddesses .female fraternity , has suffered at the hands of men since ages in the form of slavery, biased education system and also sexual harassment. her safety and existence have been challenge at every step . now even in this 21st century filled with all wise and educated people we do come across –“a women being raped in our country in every 20 minutes “ and “in every 30 seconds a victim of eve teasing” the women who resides in every house is a victim of this social evil, my mother, sister ,wife, friend anyone could be the next target .this social menace is not restricted to a particular section of society neither it is affected by colour, sect, cast or creed is a global issue where we as women have stepped forward to awaken the world for a cause , in the respect to women safety, no immediate step has been take by the law owners and neither the residing government at delhi has helped to suffice us. hence forth we “she “ take the initiative to protect “she” from this social menace.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Feb 15,2013
  • Innovator : Manisha Mohan
  • Team Members : Rimpi Tripathi
  • College : SRM Univeristy , Chennai
  • University : SRM university , chennai, Main Campus
  • Submission Year : 2013
  • Category : Humanities & Social Sciences
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