Redefined Spoon For Parkinson's Patient
Project Description :

According to various surveys, one in every 500 people there is a patient of parkinson’s disease. a large number of these and many more patients suffering from other motion disorders are not being able to eat comfortably and perform simple routine tasks independently. it is essential to have a balanced food intake to lead an energetic life and faster recovery. also parkinson’s disease is very common among the old people who prefer liquid and semi-liquid food. after talking to the patients, their caretakers and the doctors, due to tremor and the embarrassment of food spillage off the spoon due to tremors while eating patients tend to lose motivation of eating and also develop a sense of dependability over others. products (like google’s liftware costs around $300) available in market are either too costly or demand a habit change from the users which make them feel odd while eating in a social gathering. our solution is a redefined spoon which is both cost effective and convenient to use, that allows patients to hold it without changing their normal eating position. from our research, the major problem with these patients is that they can’t exert a pointed force due to their inability of performing & controlling micro motions of their fingers. our product prevents food spillage in a completely mechanical way via a lid-trigger mechanism which works in a way that the patient can achieve significant displacement by pressing the trigger very slightly. we have identified these problems through our research and their possible solutions using the methodology of interaction design. also we validated the product using autodesk model and performed simulations for the functionalities of its various parts. after successful simulations, we 3d printed the prototype using the rapid prototyping machine of iit gandhinagar. generally, parkinson’s disease once occurred becomes a lifelong problem and it becomes excruciating for them to be not able to do simple day to day tasks normally. by this product we hope to make the lives of patients suffering from motion disorders easier and help them live independently, hence, improving their self-esteem.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Jan 19,2015
  • Innovator : Dhyey Mayankkumar Shah
  • Team Members : Eepsit Tiwari, Rajesh Patidar
  • Guide Name : Prof. Bhaskar Bhatt And Prof. Harish P. M.
  • College : IIT Gandhinagar
  • University : IIT Gandhinagar
  • Submission Year : 2015
  • Category : Medical Science & Technology
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