Rapid Non-invasive Diagnostics Kits For Diabetics Patients To Check Glucose Level Thrice A Day
Project Description :

We have developed non invasive, cost effective glucose detection kits for diabetic patients. the detection kits consist of (a) fluid sampler, (b) two solution bottle and (c) glucose indicator. this detection kit can be used for all biological (blood, saliva, urine) and chemical samples. a very simple procedure yields accurate results; which is - place the sample to be tested in the sampler, add one drop of solution, see the colour change and compare it with the indicator strips. using this kit, patients can check their glucose level thrice a day. in further studies can convert this technology into paper strip or electrochemical strips (micro fluidics) which will be much cheaper than current glucose strips. the invention discloses a colorimetric detection method for glucose analysis from any biological or chemical sample with efficient, quick and sensitive, cost effective, flexible, layman suitability. the colorimetric detection method for the glucose analysis can be described as follows: take the sample in any colourless/transparent apparatus, mix the sample with oxidizing agent (synthesize in lab/common lab chemical). this reaction generates hydrogen peroxide and a coloured complex which can be identified by sampler. the system has the characteristics of simple and practical method, mild reaction system, environment friendly, flexible sample, good analytical repeatability and in addition, the condition required for analysis is simple, and accurate analysis can be realized only by utilizing the colour development in a general laboratory. reduced time consumption, less manual labour and reduced influence of various factors as such as buffer, temperature, stability etc that are a requisite for the sensitivity of enzymatic activity are some the important features of this detection kit. the glucose content of the sample can be quickly detected in a visual manner. therefore, the novel glucose detection kit can be widely applied in the fields of diagnostics, food production, biochemical research etc.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Dec 10,2014
  • Innovator : Yadav Vijay Dukhran
  • Guide Name : Dr Prajakta Dandekar Jain
  • College : Institute of chemical technology (ICT)
  • University : Institute of chemical technology (ICT)
  • Submission Year : 2015
  • Category : Materials Science
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