On Board Diagnostic Data Analysis System ( Obdas )
Project Description :

The automobile industry is on the brink of a revolution, but still the change we expect are not taking place in real automotive industries. today automakers are yet to turn vehicle into a smart and significant revenue generator. this product is based upon data interpretation and diagnostic of the vehicle through on-board diagnostics (obd) system. a low cost universal solution for vehicles with plug-in compatibility to vehicle obd port is proposed which can be used by various sectors. the automobile companies will be able to track the real time data of the customer’s cars from the dedicated embedded system which can further be used in system diagnostics and performance evaluation of the car. it can provide a smart way to insure vehicle to insurance company, which are based upon real time data log history of the particular car rather that unproven records that any insurance companies rely on their customers. now say no to more deaths caused in vehicular accident due to unavailability of emergency services in time. it can able to send location of the incident immediately after accident to the emergency services. with the inbuild anti-theft and surveillance functionality it will be the great asset for tracking the vehicle. if you need to track your personal car to see where your spouse or child is going or you want to monitor the routes of your company’s delivery drivers then these functionalities are also included in the system. our proposed system is defined by these breakthrough features.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Oct 30,2017
  • Innovator : ARCHIT
  • Team Members : Nishi Khetwal
  • Guide Name : Dr Rajesh Singh
  • University : University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
  • Submission Year : 2018
  • Category : Electronics, Communications & related fields
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