Non- Catalytic Deep Desulfurization Process Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation
Project Description :

Sulfur removal from transportation fuels is a demanding operation, especially from pollution point of view. in this work, green approach is discussed for desulfurization of fuels or organics without the use of catalyst or external chemicals using a simple methodology of hydrodynamic cavitation. the process offers many advantages, most importantly complete sulfur removal, ease of operation, recycle and reuse of water, low cost and efficiently works at mild operating conditions. proposed method can be effectively implemented for large scale deep desulfurization operations in refinery.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Aug 08,2018
  • Innovator : Nalinee B. Suryawanshi
  • Team Members : Nalinee Bhatu Suryawanshi,Dr. Vinay M. Bhandari,Dr. Vivek V. Ranade
  • Guide Name : Dr. Vinay M. Bhandari
  • University : National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL)
  • Submission Year : 2019
  • Category : Chemical Engineering
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