Navyo-the Smart Glove
Project Description :

Demo video : our innovation focuses to empower an impaired person. today, a visually impaired person finds it difficult to reach to the destination without an external support as the fellow is unable to identify the required directions. so, we have created a smart glove that will guide the person turn by turn to reach the destination via vibrations. independent mobility will help visually impaired person move along with the nation and will no longer be treated as a liability. user simply needs to speak out the destination in app, navyo connects to app via bluetooth and the person is ready to go. as per the map, if the left turn approaches, the frequency of vibration also starts increasing in left portion of hand indicating left turn and stops when turn is taken. this way by following different vibration patterns at different maneuver points, destination can be reached easily. our solution is based on haptic feedback technology which is safe and non-distractive from blind person’s point of view. also this solution provides the hassle-free way for navigation by allowing user to speak the destination and walk with mobile phone inside pocket/purse etc. currently, we are ready with our proof of concept and are currently testing it with people in blind homes of delhi. based on their feedback, we are iterating our design and approach. we plan to launch pilot run of our product – navyo in march 2017 within delhi.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Aug 25,2016
  • Innovator : Madhav Aggarwal
  • Team Members : Mohd. Suhail, Bhavesh Pachnanda,Mohd. Suhail,Bhavesh Pachnanda
  • Guide Name : Prof. Vikas Rastogi
  • University : Delhi Technological University
  • Submission Year : 2017
  • Category : Electronics, Communications & related fields
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