Nanoemulsions As A Vehicle For Delivery Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids For Serum And Tissue Lipids
Project Description :

Linseed oil (lso) in nano/microemulsion form showed increased absorption and increased the levels of ala found in lymph. very little conversion of ala to dha was observed at this stage. we have also demonstrated that ala from linseed oil in nano/microemulsion forms was efficiently converted to dha in rats. as a consequence of this dha levels in plasma and liver was enhanced significantly. however, dha was not observed in plasma and liver lipids in rats when linseed oil was given without emulsion formation. this system is now extended to study the effect of microemulsion of lso on n-3 pufa status of cardiac sr which inherently contains small amounts of dha. dha levels were increased in cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum lipids, lowered ca2+ mg2+-atp ase activity and ca2+ uptake when rats were given lso in nano/microemulsion form. brain lipids were enriched with dha when lso was given in nano/microemulsion form. this also enhanced neurotransmitter levels in brain. therefore lso in nano/microemulsion form is helpful in increasing the dha levels in vital organs and beneficially modulate cardiovascular and brain function. the present study indicates that nano/microemulsions of oils provide an efficient system for enhancing omega-3 fatty acid status when ala rich oils such as lso were given.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Nov 01,2014
  • Innovator : D.Sugasini
  • Guide Name : Dr.B.R.Lokesh
  • College : CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute
  • University : Ph.D under University of Mysore
  • Submission Year : 2015
  • Category : Food technology
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