Loco-pilot Vision Enhancement System: Trinetra (third Eye) For Indian Railways
Project Description :

Indian railway provides the most important mode of public transport in india. it is the most commonly used and cost effective long distance transport system of the country. indian railways is also helping indian economy in many ways like by providing fast and reliable transport medium for various needy articles across the country. the railways is suffering revenue losses due to cancellation or late running of passenger trains as a result of foggy weather conditions especially in the northern india fog-prone regions. in last five years the indian railways has lost in access of indian rupees one lakh crores due to cancellation of trains, and delay in running trains.considering its importance, this project work trinetra – the third eye to prevent railway accidents in india, has been researched and dedicated to bharat ratna madan mohan malaviya chair at iit-bhu for railway research. it marks the centenary celebrations of banaras hindu university. trinetra is expanded as “technological research and invention for national empowerment of trains to reduce accidents”. in hindi, the word trinetra means ‘the third eye’. trinetra facilitates the passage for trains in unknown environments in zero visibility situations, fog, smog and heavy rain. trinetra is based on integration of a zoom able visual and thermal camera. the visual camera with zoom is used to catch a long range view of the track and presents it live on a mini screen of the android supported smart phone fixed in the loco pilot cabin. a thermal sensor system is used to continuously detecting obstacles in loco pilot blind spots on track during fog and heavy rain upto 540 meter. it particularly aims at enhanced the vision of loco pilot. this zoom able visual, thermal camera and smart phone integrated approach – trinetra is fixed in front portion of the loco motive / engine to prevent accidents on tracks. results have shows that the proposed method effectively works in outdoor unknown fog environments. trinetra has the latest multi sensor based advanced digital technology. trinetra has an all weather remote positioning system suitable for mounting on stationary platforms of all type of locomotive engines of indian railways. it is the breakthrough product that the indian railways has been waiting for a long time to satisfy their imaging needs in a 24x7 mode. the design concept, observation, prototype model and other technical specifications are patented (indian patent application no.201641045006). prime purpose of this invention was to design & develop an indigenous, low cost integral day/night loco pilot view assistance (enhanced vision). trinetra has been conceptualized and developed in accordance with the vision of honorable prime minister for innovation, technology development and manufacturing make in india. this research and development work has puts forth an innovative and dynamic concept which aims at a significant technological advancement in the field of engineering. it provides a practical tool in the form of a cost-effective product for indian railways to prevent accidents on track and combat with fogs for continue normal operations even in zero-visibility condition, obstacles on track as well as locos driven in lhf and shf modes. trinetra will provide an innovative technological solution for current operational issues faced by the loco-pilots in indian railways context. implementation of trinetra in the indian railways would contribute to the overall growth of our nation. presently, this work has been recognized by government of india, ministry of railways(railway board) has called for expression of interest (eoi) vide global tender no.2016/dev.cell/igri/4 may 2016 for trinetra’s development and implementation in railways. this project has won the “best guide” award by national level paper presentation contest on “make in india” organized jointly by project council, an entrepreneurs council of india, new delhi and ministry of urban development, government of india.guest invited talk has been delivered on trinetra at ansh 2017, csir-national aerospace laboratories on 19 may 2017. the prototye of improved trinetra has been demonstrated in csir platinum jubliee technofest 25-27 october 2017 at csir-national aerospace laboratories bangalore 560017. this project has awarded top 80 technologies projects in india skoch order-of-merit award during the 50th skoch summit on 20th-21th december 2017 at constitution club of india, rafi marg, new delhi. this project has been demonstrated in the innovation festival at visweswaraya industrial and technological museum, bengaluru from 08th-10th february 2018.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Oct 16,2017
  • Innovator : ANAND KUMAR K S
  • Team Members : Gurupadappa Motagi,Ravindran R
  • Guide Name : Undefined
  • University : Indian Institutes of Technology (BHU) Varanasi
  • Submission Year : 2018
  • Category : Design
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