Laser Technology Detects Hidden Materials: Applications To Security And Medicine
Project Description :

Universal multiple angle raman spectroscopy (umars) is a new technique that works on the multiple scattering principles, collection angle independent, and can probe any type of scattering samples at varying depths. a novel raman based instrumentation for non-invasive depth sensitive detection of layered materials located at depths exceeding 15 mm underneath top layer has been developed. the umars technique developed employs the principle of (a) deep penetration of photons and diffusion using non-absorbing media employing multiple scattering and (b) detection of signals from all the observable angles. umars is a geometry independent, flexible, robust, non-invasive technique having potential to be used in various fields of science spanning from materials to biology as well space exploration.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Feb 11,2014
  • Innovator : Sanchita Sil
  • Team Members : NA
  • Guide Name : Prof Siva Umapathy
  • College : Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • University : Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Submission Year : 2014
  • Category : Chemistry
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