Ionic Movement Based Desalinator
Project Description :

There is a tremendous requirement of fresh water (low saline) for human and industrial consumption in this sustaining world. this paper develops an approach based on the new technique to remove the salts from high saline water to bring it into low saline water (desalination). the concept of the technique is, the feed water through a pipeline in one direction, which is split into two directions. the feed water i.e. saline water are split into two flow , flow-i down ward direction and flow-2 upward direction, the ions of salts diverted into flow-1 using the concept of ionic movement to the opposite charges of the electrode, which are fixed in flow-i pipeline part. the other direction of the flow-ii water flows left free from the ions of the salts, this outlet is collected as product. the ions diverted flows are drained and lead into recirculation. the low saline water can be used for human or industrial consumption; this device has a very simple construction and uses low cost materials

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Project Details :
  • Date : Oct 22,2017
  • Innovator : Ravindranath Ragunathan
  • Team Members : L.R.Ravindranath,S.Abilashvaran,S.Aravindh,M.Logesh
  • Guide Name : S.Anbumalar
  • University : Pondicherry University
  • Submission Year : 2018
  • Category : Electrical, Instrumentation & Related Fields
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