Flexible Biodegradable Anti-microbial New Advanced Form Of Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device (iucd)
Project Description :

A new form of iucd which is having the property of controlled biodegradability, antimicrobial and radio opaque property has been developed in our laboratory. this new form of biodegradable iucd when introduced into the uterine cavity adopts a shape matching that of the individual’s uterine cavity and at the same time is so deformable that the shape changes continually as per the uterine cavity changes and yet is resistant to spontaneous expulsion. further the need to have within the uterus a large antimicrobial surface and release of antimicrobial for making the wall of the uterine cavity which is refreshed in each menstrual cycle as antimicrobial is additional. this new form of biodegradable antimicrobial iucd have a hollow tube of segmented poly urethane (spu) polymer doped with bismuth oxide. this hollow tubule structure was filled with spongy foam spu polymer grafted with aloevera and neem extracts. segmented polyurethane (spu) is a class of random block copolymers containing two organic segments, namely a hard segment (hs) and a soft segment (ss), connected to each other by a urethane linkage (–nh–coo–). the material properties as well as their bio degradability can be tailored by optimizing their hs and ss composition as well as their functionalities. due to its nontoxic nature, wide range of mechanical properties and excellent biocompatibility, spu has been used in various medical devices. bismuth oxide provides radio opaque property alon with antimicrobial property. in order to provide enhanced antimicrobial propert aloevera and neem extracts was grafted. these natural components are non toxic and they also have the property to destroy sperm cells. after implantation of this new form of iucd the flexible property help them to accommodate inside the dynamic uterine environment and the biodegradable property minimizes the rejection mechanism by the endometrial tissues. this biodegradable antimicrobial spu polymer also releases antibiotic fragments which render the inner wall of the uterine cavity antimicrobial. bismuth oxide grafting provides structural strength and contrast for ultrasonic imaging. the radio-opaque property of this new form of iucd allows convenient xray imaging to detect the presence of the iucd. the antimicrobial components can also extend their property towards the lower reproductive tract which can also protect the individual from sexually transmitted diseases. the soft and flexible property of new form of antimicrobial iucd solve the problem of cramping pain and perforation provided by the present known fixed form of iucd. this problem of pain and perforation laid a way for various iucd associated complications. the fertility can be restored after the complete degradation of new form of antimicrobial iucd.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Dec 29,2015
  • Innovator : Bhuvaneshwaran Subramanian
  • Team Members : Selvakumar M, Dibyendu Gouri
  • Guide Name : Professor DR. Sujoy K Guha
  • University : Indian Institutes of Technology Kharagpur
  • Submission Year : 2016
  • Category : Medical Science & Technology
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