Fabrication Of Nano Object Imaging Probe Using Simple & Fast Hydro -mechanical Etching Technique
Project Description :

Faster improvement of near-field optical microscope (snom) technique make optical fibre nanoprobe an inevitable tools and has been applied to many fields extensively including skin cancer imaging and most cited florescence imaging. buffer hydro fluric acid(bhf) etching method is very popular to produce optical fibre nanoprobe with low cost but this process is very slow. a method is developed to produce chemically etched optical fiber tips for small and nano objective imaging with valuable properties such as large transmission and no lateral light leaks by simple hydro-mechanical etching technique which offer faster etching rate and very simple laboratory set up. probing optical properties of materials and optical characterization of molecular defects at the nanometer scale have been inaccessible until recently due to the diffraction limit of light. with the invention of nanometric fiber optic tip by the help of hydro-mechanical etching and tappering technique, resolution at the 50±100 nm level using visible or near infrared light is now practical. the unique capability of fiber optic probe to simultaneously measure surface topography and local optoelectronic properties, thereby eliminating the need to perform cross correlation analysis on results obtained using different techniques, is particularly useful in this area. the noticeable improvement of chemical etching through hydro-mechanical technique was observed here.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Jan 12,2015
  • Innovator : FAZLE KIBRIA
  • Guide Name : Rajib Chakraborty
  • College : University college of Science & Technology
  • University : University of Calcutta
  • Submission Year : 2015
  • Category : Biomedical Engineering
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