Evaluation Of Blood Pressure And Arterial Compliance By The Radial Arterial Pulse Pressure Waveform Obtained Using Fiber Bragg Grating Pulse Recorder
Project Description :

The submitted innovation consists of abstracts in two parts, which has been detailed below. part 1: the present work reports a blood pressure evaluation methodology by recording the radial arterial pulse waveform in real time using a fiber bragg grating pulse recorder (fbgpr). here, the pressure responses of the arterial pulse in the form of beat-to-beat pulse amplitude and arterial diametrical variations are monitored. particularly, the unique signatures of pulse pressure variations have been recorded in the arterial pulse waveform, which indicate the systolic and diastolic blood pressure while the patient is subjected to the sphygmomanometric blood pressure examination. the proposed method of blood pressure evaluation using fbgpr has been validated with the auscultatory method of detecting the acoustic pulses (korotkoff sounds) by an electronic stethoscope. part 2: in the present work, we report a novel, in vivo, noninvasive technique to determine radial arterial compliance using the radial arterial pressure pulse waveform (rappw) acquired by fiber bragg grating pulse recorder (fbgpr). the radial arterial compliance of the subject can be measured during sphygmomanometric examination by the unique signatures of arterial diametrical variations and the beat-to-beat pulse pressure acquired simultaneously from the rappw recorded using fbgpr. this proposed technique has been validated against the radial arterial diametrical measurements obtained from the color doppler ultrasound. two distinct trials have been illustrated in this work and the results from both techniques have been found to be in good agreement with each other. the present technique eliminates the use of two sensors, as in the case of conventional methods (volumetric/diametric sensor and pressure sensor). the use of fbg sensor brings potential advantages, such as insensitivity to electromagnetic interference, low fatigue and ultra-fast response, making the proposed fbgpr an effective means for evaluation of radial arterial compliance.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Jan 14,2015
  • Innovator : Sharath Umesh
  • Team Members : Prof S Asokan, Dr Shwetha Chiplunkar, Dr Anand Kalegowda, Dr Sukreet Raju, Dr Apoorva Girish
  • Guide Name : Prof Sundarrajan Asokan
  • College : Indian Institute of Science
  • University : Indian Institute of Science
  • Submission Year : 2015
  • Category : Medical Science & Technology
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