Design Of An Innovative Retrofitted Tricycle For A Disabled Person
Project Description :

Transportation is one of the important sources for increasing mobility of human. in transportation, vehicles play a very crucial role. normal human being uses these vehicles very easily but for a disabled person it is very inconvenient. today various hand driven tricycles, wheelchairs, retrofitted vehicles etc. are available for disabled people but these are designed primarily for the basic functional use for moving on road without considering many important aspects of safety, ergonomics and aesthetics. currently available means for such transportation various methods have been researched and used to increase mobility of disabled people. some research are focused on improving the mobility of the wheelchair. motorized vehicles such as buses, vans, cars and motorcycles are usually customized for this purpose. customized vehicles such as tricycles have been used by a disabled as a mean of transportation. however, existing tricycles demand that the handicapped person dismount from the wheelchair. to address this limitation we designed and fabricated a retrofitted tricycle which allowed the disabled person to drive the tricycle without dismounting from the wheelchair. this was achieved by providing a specifically designed platform and automated ramp, which allowed the wheelchair to be wheeled up or down. as the project was concerned with problems faced by disabled people, the board of college & university development (bcud) of savitribai phule pune university stepped up to sponsor the project. this project is on the research of design and fabrication of a modified tricycle for disabled persons. the tricycle is designed to accommodate a disabled person along with the wheelchair with ease and convenience. it is hoped that this new design will ease and improve mobility. this prototype was designed using computer-aided design (cad) which helps to increase productivity by allowing the visualization of the desired component through the use of a large array of tools for analysis and design. the finalization of the design of the tricycle is done by performing safety tests given by arai scheme. an attempt has been made to provide unique, cost-effective, purpose serving motorized retrofitted tricycle for disabled persons. after completion of the project, we published a research paper in the "international journal of advance research in science and engineering issn 2319-8354", volume 4, issue 7, july 2015

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Project Details :
  • Date : Dec 29,2015
  • Innovator : Ajit A. Mohekar
  • Team Members : Tanmay N. Shah, Ramkrishna N. Patil, Nikhil S. Pawar
  • Guide Name : Prof. Pushkaraj D. Sonawane And Prof. Dr. Sandip T. Chavan
  • College : Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune
  • University : Savitribai Phule Pune University
  • Submission Year : 2016
  • Category : Mechanical/Textile
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