Design And Development Of Semi-automatic Flower Knotting Device
Project Description :

In the global arena, jasmine makes international flower markets look at madurai for meeting the demand overseas. with strong roots adding to its advantage, the madurai malli is all set to get geographical indication tag, which will position itself as pride of south spreading fragrance beyond boundaries. production of jasmine flowers which are exported as garlands to malaysia, singapore, canada, america, dubai and a couple of european countries. the flowers are worn by women in their hair especially jasmine mostly in southern and southeast asia. moreover, this flower is used in the religious offerings and wedding ceremonies too. there is a growing demand for value added products like flower crowns, garlands from indians in the middle east and other countries. hence, the usage of flowers all over the world is unlimited. making crowns, garlands and winded flowers by using jasmine is a tedious process. on the other hand it is being affected the farmers who are producing jasmine and the flower winders. they feel that winding the flowers manually take too much of time and also boring. thus the human society based on this field is being suffered a lot. in order to improve their lifestyle, a novel flower winding machine is designed. it consists of flower tank, flower assembly belt, flower clamping belt, knot mechanism, cam and vibration system. the tank is used to store the flowers. at the bottom of the tank flower shape holes are provided. the hole exists upto the conveyor belt. the flowers way out from the tank fell down to the conveyor. at the end of the conveyor belt two more belts are constructed in the opposite direction for the proper clamping of flowers. finally the knot mechanism is introduced to make a knot. in this way, winded flowers are extracted from this machine. this innovative idea may help to lift their lifestyle who is involved in this field.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Oct 06,2015
  • Innovator : Dr. G. Senthilkumar
  • Team Members : S.Lakshmana Raja, S. Sriram
  • Guide Name : Dr. G. Senthil Kumar
  • College : Velammal College of Engineering and Technology
  • University : Anna University, Chennai
  • Submission Year : 2016
  • Category : Mechanical/Textile
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