Checkit - A Low Cost Mobile Omr System
Project Description :

Education is crucial for the progress of developing countries. on the other hand one can progress only if one is aware of his/her errors. a few drawbacks we found in the current exam assessment system are as follows. 1) continuous evaluation helps students progress faster. due to lack of the manpower, institutes are unable to do so on regular basis. as a result students suffer heavily due to half cooked evaluation schemes. 2) omr is currently an integral part of many state board exams and competitive entrance exams in india. the schools and coaching classes currently use omr technology to conduct exams but largely omr response sheets are checked manually. the main hurdles are prohibitive cost of the omr reader and proprietary software. 3) there is a definite need for an outcome based teaching pedagogy at schools and colleges. however, small institutes have resource limitations when it comes to quantifying the teaching and learning processes. 4) students need a quick feedback on their exam performance. this means timely declaration of the results after exams. this will help students to learn and recover from their mistakes very quickly. but due to lack of manpower and limited finances it is not always feasible for an institute to deliver results accurately and quickly. after keeping these guidelines in mind we have devised checkit. it is a mobile phone based optical mark recognition (omr) system which is used for automatic checking of the users’ response sheets. it exploits prior information about the omr sheet layout, which helps in achieving high speed and accuracy. the system incorporates following interdependent modules: (i) computer vision and image processing; (ii) computer communication and networking; (iii) database and (iv)user interface. the desirability and viability aspects of the system development are done based on extensive market survey and after interviewing several stake holders.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Dec 15,2015
  • Innovator : Rahul Patel
  • Team Members : Shashwat Sanghavi
  • Guide Name : Mehul Raval, Dhruv Gupta
  • College : Institute of Engineering & Technology
  • University : Ahmedabad University
  • Submission Year : 2016
  • Category : Computer science, Information technology & related fields
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