Automatic Sugarcane Juicer
Project Description :

The main objective in this project is to design and manufacture a machine that is able to extract sugar cane juice automatically with maximum juice extraction efficiency. the machine must facilitated such that human involvement while extracting juice is reduced and effective isolations to prevent injury to operator. all the necessary information is gathered by constructing the literature study. after that, detailed experimentation is carried out to understand various factors affecting juice extraction process and extraction efficiency. and basic design & dimensional requirements enlisted. by this five conceptual design generated. among them one of the conceptual designs is chosen for the best design based on feasibility ranking. then for selected concept complete design procedure is carried out on mechanical parts such as shafts, rollers and bearings as well. design is implemented into reality through manufacturing, assembly with good aesthetic. then performance of machine is checked and compared with other also confirmed that all objectives are satisfied. finally human involvement in system operation is reduced when system is actually working. this is ensuring safety of operator as well as clean and fresh juice from the system. this sugarcane juice extractor can replace conventional cane juicers in juice bars, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels etc.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Dec 01,2015
  • Innovator : Nilkantha Dashrath Gadakh
  • Guide Name : Prof. Mohan R. Pardeshi
  • College : K. K. Wagh Institute Of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik
  • University : Savitribai Phule Pune University
  • Submission Year : 2016
  • Category : Food Engineering
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