Automatic Fish Scaling Machine
Project Description :

In general practice, the fish scales are removed manually by knife, wire brush etc. this may hurt our hands which lead to bleeding, and human blood contaminates the fish. moreover labours at fish market suffer by physical pain due to the continuous action of scale removal. our hands get withered due to the moisture content of the fish which is unhygienic. in india, people wait in a long queue in market or shops to remove the scales of the fish and they pay a considerable amount for cleaning the fish. more over there is no indian product developed to solve this problem. the device that we have developed completely removes the fish scales comfortably in a short time making it easy for the user. our device consists of knurled rollers and blade rollers which are fixed and rotate on its own axis. supporting rollers are provided with compression spring of very less stiffness in order to adjust according to the shape of the fish and to provide required pressure to hold. since fish shape is convex, the blades are designed in concave structure. a conveyor is placed between the rollers which carries the fish. the rotation of knurled rollers and blade rollers are opposite to the fish scales. the supporting roller pushes the fish towards these rollers. hence action results in complete removal of fish scales. the salient features of our innovation are time consumption is very less. the scales are completely removed. this device finds major use in small and large scale industries. skilled labour is not mandatory. the problem of producing injury while removing the scales is avoided thus the contamination of the fish is eliminated. moreover it is very compact, occupies less space and is not so expensive. hence the device which we have designed is more suitable and useful for our indian market.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Jan 31,2013
  • Innovator : M.Rajesh Kanna
  • Team Members : C.Mathan, M.V.Krishnamoorthy, Mahesh Mithilesh
  • Guide Name : Dr.P.Rajesh Kanna
  • College : Velammal College of Engineering and Technology,Madurai.
  • Submission Year : 2013
  • Category : Food technology
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