Audience Response Device For Deaf And Mute Classroom
Project Description :

Speaking and hearing plays an important role in effective teaching, individuals who lack these abilities faces an uphill battle. quantum of work has focused on designing various approaches to teach deaf and mute students. however, it is equally important to assess whether students are following the course materials or there is a need to adjust the pace and methodology of teaching. creating an active learning environment in d&m classroom is a tedious task as it becomes very difficult for a teacher to observe every student’s response at a time through sign language. the level of their enthusiasm and active engagements in the classroom can degrade due to being unheard or unnoticed. this scenario demotivates them to respond in classroom. this innovation can facilitate multiple classroom activities easily without the need for speaking or hearing such as performing quiz, aggregating & analyzing student’s responses, taking attendance, receiving student’s feedback & handling queries, assessment of every individual, assistance for emergency or panic situation. real-time feedback will allow the lecturer to adapt the lecture during the presentation so as to achieve the maximum efficiency during the lecture & also to modify the future lectures based on the “lessons learned” from the past cases. students whose performance is poor needs special attention; their performance can be shared automatically to their guardians via e-mail. in future it can also be integrated with the learning management system designed specially for deaf & mute students. thissystem is low cost, easy to use & configure,uses the light weight protocol for device to device communication, allows remote monitoring through the use of cloud computing technology, highly scalable, can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Nov 13,2018
  • Innovator : Manasi Mishra
  • Team Members : Manasi Mishra
  • Guide Name : Prof. S.R.N Reddy
  • University : Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women
  • Submission Year : 2019
  • Category : Computer science, Information technology & related fields
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