Application Of Nano Material To Analyze The Strength Of Concrete
Project Description :

Nanotechnology is the make use of and study of matter between 1 nano meter (nm) and 100 nano meters in size. it is to investigate to make use of matter at atom scale. as particle converted into nano-sized, the fraction of particle on the surface multiply virtual to those inside leads to “nano-effects” and alter the belongings of the material to great amount to generate material with novel and smart properties. concrete, second highest consumed commodity on earth, with assimilate nanotechnology into concrete that will greatly improve its strength, sturdiness, ductility, and cleanliness etc. a substantial improvement in the mechanical properties and durability of cementitious materials can be observed with assimilation of nano materials such as nano- al2o3, carbon nano tubes, etc. if the performance of the basic civil engineering raw materials is enhanced, the productivity will get increased as to work with those modified materials.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Dec 16,2015
  • Innovator : Dhrafani Ishita Mayurkumar
  • Team Members : Sadariya Gautam Ratibhai
  • Guide Name : Mr. Hitesh Rameshchandra Ashani
  • College : Vyavasayi Vidya Pratishthan's Sanch. College Of Engineering, Rajkot
  • University : Gujarat Technological University
  • Submission Year : 2016
  • Category : Civil Engineering
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