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Technology description : this is a new technique to grow an agricultural crop, paddy, simultaneously with an oil producing algae. today algae are looked upon as a source of renewable and future-focused biofuel. algae or paddy are currently grown separately but never together. this new technique firstly allows paddy farmers to simultaneously grow two crops in the same paddy field, multi-cropping of algae in the standing water while the paddy crop slowly grows up to cover the land surface in about 2 months. while the paddy crop grows on to be harvested as is normally done, during the first two months of the crop life this technique allows farmers to also raise 100kg algae /d/ha and in 2 months produce about 6tons that can be used as a biofuel in multiple ways. in this new technique of algiculture, algae are encouraged to rise as floating ‘flocs’ that are harvested every afternoon from the paddy field and sent for drying, oil extraction, cattle-feed supplement and finally the dung is fed back to the paddy plot to ensure higher sustainability. only a small quantity of the total npk will be lost in this form of cycling and needs to be supplemented annually. the recovery of energy as biodiesel, reuse on oil-free residue as feed supplement and recycling animal dung ensures nutrient sustainability. the sunlight energy capture by the system is now more than doubled. finally the deployment of algae combinations that allow for self harvesting ensures that energy required for the daily algal harvest and its processing would become energy and resource-wise sustainable. sustainability usp - a high ‘shunya’ quotient emerges from using the same nutrient, water and solar energy to produce twice the output of what was possible earlier from either paddy or algae crops separately. further, with an efficient use of this technology, india’s fuel demand can be met easily by using just 13% of the total area under paddy cultivation with no additional energy input. also, this paves way to a new bright future for our indian farmers with an additional source of income.

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  • Date : Jan 13,2015
  • Innovator : Abitha R
  • Guide Name : Dr.H.N.Chanakya
  • College : Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Submission Year : 2015
  • Category : Bioengineering / Biotech
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