Changing the World with Gandhian Engineering

Gandhian Engineering

Most people have never heard of Gandhian Engineering. Yet utilizing its methods, computers could be available for $100 each, food could become healthier, medical expenses would be affordable to all, and creativity and frugality would be the new high status skills. Gandhain Engineering is using engineering and technology to create more with less, and to exchange expensive solutions for less expensive solutions yet resulting in a superior technolgoy.

Enough for Everybody

Have you ever thought that humanity has more than enough tools to feed everybody, provide adequate living conditions for all, plus give everybody a life worth living. Some might say that it’s a dream, that there will always be the poor, the rich, and the in between. However, that is not true. There exists more than sufficient technology to fix the issues of the world. What is missing is the attitude and willingness to do so.

Dr. Mashelkar

Dr. Mashelkar, an Indian Doctor of Engineering, created the concept. He said that Gandhi set out to do the impossible – free India from the British Empire. In the same sense, Gandhian Engineering sets out to do what is currently considered impossible – create products for substantially less, and at the same time using fewer materials and less labor. He said that innovation was not only about doing things that made a difference in the lives of others, but doing them differently and better.

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