Trolley Straw Baler By Ram Compressing Mechanism With Traction Force
Project Description :

Straws are left over branches of paddy and wheat after harvesting. the conventional straw balers works only by drawing power from the engine using sophisticated machinery .these machines are not affordable by all farmers as they cost rs.3,00,000 to rs.5,00,000 . manual collection of straws using hands takes more time and increases the labor cost. our system is designed for making it affordable to everyone using simple mechanism. the trolley straw baler consists of inclined plate which conveys the straws to the collector container, where it is compressed by the ram action. the ram is driven by means of crankshaft. the crankshaft is driven by drawing power through chain and sprocket mechanism from the front wheels. the collected straws can be made into a bundle by means of rope, which are present in the system. the system is completely manual. the complete system is manufactured at the cost of rs.8500 which makes the system more affordable to all farmers.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Nov 10,2016
  • Innovator : Ramalingam.PL
  • Guide Name : Prof. R.VIGITHRA
  • University : Anna University
  • Submission Year : 2017
  • Category : Agricultural Engineering
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