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The name “suchi ahvana” taken from sanskrit means “to evoke for cleanliness” well describes and suits the product as being its aim to increase the efficiency of the dustbin and reduce the trash spread around it in an open/closed public area it functions in the collection of waste ( by attracting people) and preventing it from falling out from the bin. the basic problem that this design emphasizes is the mentality of people towards cleanliness and specifically towards dustbin. due to various reasons either direct or indirect, like unpleasant view of dustbins, unhygienic surroundings and most importantly the growing nature of selfishness among people who do not care to take even a single step forward if the issue does not concerns them on a personal level with an immediate effect. all these with several others have set the pathway for losing the purpose of dustbin. so in order to put an element for evoking people for the same, as surveyed, all the slogans or banners or campaigns lose their purpose or spark after a period of time. therefore, trying to hit the user with what he/she cares about most in today’s era is “himself/herself” and hunts for even a very small amount of benefit in every single thing around, we tried putting an element of attraction to the dustbin and made it interactive with the user providing suitable feedback to him/her as per his/her performance of throwing off or disposing the waste. the attraction for people was designed and conceptualized with the implementation of the concept of “dart game” into the dustbin. the very concept of “dart game” was only taken or thought because as surveyed, in today’s world of rush and hurry, first of all, hardly some people make proper use of dustbins and even if they do or remaining others try to do, they do not have the time or rather do not care so much to reach out for it and dispose of the waste properly. all they are seen and observed doing is aiming for the dustbin or rather throwing the garbage towards it without caring even a bit if it went well inside or just fell somewhere around it. so, this concept of “dart game” attracts the user to aim right inside the dustbin and the interactive feedback system providing suitable feedback to him/her as per his/her performance of throwing off or disposing the waste evokes him/her for its judicious use. also, the sole purpose of installing a dustbin and being able to collect waste properly is further achieved by the installation of a “secondary system” which further traps the waste, prevents it from falling down and then helps in getting it back inside the dustbin.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Jan 27,2015
  • Innovator : Pratik Raj
  • Team Members : Deepak Nagar, Kewal Chand Swami
  • College : PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing Jabalpur
  • Submission Year : 2015
  • Category : Design
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