Neurobuds - Brain Wave Mapping Smart Earphones
Project Description :

Neurobuds are worlds first brain wave mapping smart earphones, fully designed and developed in india. these use specially designed and fabricated carbon nanotube based sensor electrodes to detect brain waves via the ear canal of the user. this data is then processed by the smartphone it is connected to and using a 3 layer back propagation neural network finds the patterns in brain wave data. these patterns can be used to detect onset of neurological disorders like epilepsy and brain strokes early on. this brainwave data is also used to detect anomalies in sleeping patterns , stress levels and mood of the user.the initial working prototype was built over a span of 2 years with assistance from neuroscience department - indian institute of science, material science department- indian institute of science and polymer science department- cusat. neurobuds uses the smartphone processor to run bulk of the calculation, thereby minimising the hardware requirement and hence the cost. ( approx. rs3000 ) at a time when only large hospitals in cities have access to brain activity tracking device, such low cost brain mapping earphones can be used in rural dispensaries to do basic brain data analysis. this can help give access to early detection and cure of neurological disorder even for the rural population.the vital data can also be sent to doctors sitting anywhere in country via the smartphone app if the need arises.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Nov 29,2016
  • Innovator : Nitin Vasanth
  • Guide Name : Prof. Unni A M
  • University : Cochin University of Science & Technology
  • Submission Year : 2017
  • Category : Biomedical Engineering
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