Gravity Energy Wheel (touch Powered)
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Introduction: today there is an energy crisis in all fronts. in any society energy is a fundamental need for development. even now we are mainly dependent on traditional fuels. modern industries are facing energy shortfalls. there is environmental cost associated with modern energy generation i.e. electric thermal power stations. hydro electric power stations are said to be a major cause for forest destruction. environmental cost of nuclear power is very difficult to be understood. einstein’s special theory of relativity made it clear that mass itself is a manifestation of energy. energy is closely related with the force. when a force causes an object to move, energy is being transferred from the force-field into the form of the object’s kinetic energy. anyone can easily conclude that gravity energy wheel is having all potentials to become the best energy supplement if awareness is created through proper research and development. it can also be used in urban, rural and even remote areas. touch powered gravity energy wheel: it is the first gravity energy wheel of it’s kind because up till now no one has made the successful design of using gravitational energy for rotating wheel. we can search through internet many different designs tried by innovators but there is no successful design available. gear is a set of toothed wheels which fit into another set to transmit power. gear can only transmit power but cannot create energy. on the other hand gravity energy wheel can create energy with the help of kinetic energy and gravitational force. it can be used to create electrical energy at any remote place. small energy with touch power inputs gets converted into high amount of energy output and all this is done with an environment friendly way. small touch is required not for moving the gravity energy wheel but for shifting and guiding the center of gravity for efficient running of gravity energy wheel. hence touch power required is very negligible. it is also possible to make this touch power input automatic with the help of small electro-mechanical applications. the most important thing is that the energy input is very less (negligible) in comparison with energy output which proves that this invention is generating power by using gravitational force. in future these energy wheels can be used in variety of innovative ways in application with present technology related to energy development and transportation. it has its own advantages like compact design, more efficiency, more robust, less frictional losses, less resistance, less sensitivity to environmental changes (like temperature variations), no noise pollution, no air pollution, no water pollution, no land pollution, less maintenance, etc. how it works: on the energy wheel one heavy (weight) iron plate is fixed slightly projecting outwards from the circumference of the wheel. the care is taken that this rotating wheel is slightly in slanting position at one side and not parallel to the ground. this type of arrangement becomes useful for using gravitational force for the rotation of gravity energy wheel. this gravity energy wheel is mounted on the vertical stand which is fixed on the rectangular platform. the main important thing is that this platform is not touching the ground. this is placed on the round pipe fixed diagonally below the rectangular platform. this round pipe is resting on the floor. the platform is not rigidly fixed with the pipe but turn around the pipe in a sea saw manner. every time when gravity energy wheel starts rotating due to weight of iron plate it gets some momentum thus crosses half circular motion. at this point it should stop and return back in normal circumstances but here due to weight imbalance the lower platform change it’s position which create slope in exactly opposite direction. this results in complete rotation of the wheel. at completion of another half circle the lower platform again changes it’s position and comes to original position. this action repeats every time and we get the result of continuously rotating energy wheel without any external power supply. only with the help of touch power we have to control the motion to get maximum efficiency. touch power is also useful to start and stop the rotation of the wheel. here the word manually operated is not used because it do not require much manual labor only small amount of manual control is required. in future that control can also be replaced by the power operated machine thus it can become fully automatic. a small part of power generated can be used for this automatic control purpose. in this way there is a strong possibility to run these machines without any external supply of energy which is a dream yet, though we might have reached very near to that dream with this gravity energy wheel innovation. heavy mass of the iron plate after starts of rotation develops kinetic energy which moves the wheel further and attains high speed. this mechanical energy produced by gravity energy wheel can further be converted into electric energy with the help of already proved technology. peculiarity of this gravity energy wheel: 1) this energy is not dependent on any natural circumstances like solar energy, wind energy or tide energy etc. hence useful throughout the world. 2) there are no accidental dangers. 3) there is no pollution of any kind hence climate friendly. 4) no fuel consumption hence no expenditure. 5) can be created on smaller scale and also on bigger scale. 6) simple and inexpensive technique. 7) unending source of energy. 8) no damage to land, forest or water bodies etc. 9) no dependency for raw material or technology. 10) this energy resource is having all the advantages which everyone expects but not found in any one traditional/existing energy resource. 11) it can become the best energy resource for our mankind if proper promotion, research & development is implemented. 12) gravitational energy wheel can also be used as supplementary energy source in combination with other technologies. 13) best source of cheap, clean energy. 14) it is the best solution for our energy requirements. 15) it can provide a solution to different problems like global warming, environmental degradation etc. 16) use of this gravity energy wheel can become helpful for electricity generation in remote areas. note: this innovation is on working model level at this stage. in this working model i have used my original idea of continuously changing the point of center of gravity which makes the gravity wheel rotates continuously. this innovation is the first step towards introduction of the gravity energy as a new everlasting environment friendly energy resource which is easily available through out the world. regarding shyamkant shridhar limaye · iit kanpur comment i wish to state that, my innovation is not a hoax. i will try to give explanation of every question if asked precisely. i am glad that my innovation is getting the comments. this will help me to clarify my innovation. i have never said that my gravity energy wheel rotates continuously without any input energy but i have said that my gravity wheel requires a small amount of touch power which is very negligible. it shows that energy input is very less than energy output. means all other results are due to gravity effect. when the size of model increases the arrangement can me made to put heavy weights (instead of touch power of finger) by using lever technique best seen any where (for example railway gates). here also weights are used means we are again using gravity. a small part of electricity generated may also be used for such control at touch point because we have to only press it and not lift it. my gravity wheel is using gravity and it's true. thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain. shripad vaidya

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  • Date : May 02,2015
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  • Submission Year : 2016
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