Design Of A Mechanical Device (nanorobot) For Diagnosis And Removal Of Plaque From Human Heart Artery System
Project Description :

Plaque is the full of fat (waste) substance that forms in between the heart artery layers. the growth of this waste at the interface of the two layers block the blood flow and finally leads to the heart attack. identification of plaque growth and removal of the plaque from the interface are two major challenges for the research community. there are many mechanical devices to remove the plaque from heart artery. however, there are certain limitations in the device features. for example, pantheris is one of the tools that are using to remove plaque, and the restriction of this tool is the diagnosis. in our research, we aimed to design a mechanical device which can be utilized for both sense as well as waste removal. the proof of concept explained in this research work. we mimic the conditions of the waste growth at the interface of the artery layers with two polymer thin film materials.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Nov 20,2016
  • Innovator : Mallikarjunachari G
  • Guide Name : Dr. Pijush Ghosh
  • University : Indian Institutes of Technology Madras
  • Submission Year : 2017
  • Category : Nano Science and Engineering
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